mylifeasaddi asked me to post some pictures of my kittens, so here you go! :D

Woah that was fast, thank you very much! c:

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I have 2 hours to myself so I’m gonna do a cool thing. 

So reblog and I will send you an eevee or an evolution of eevee.

What pokemon you get tells a little something from me to you! :3

Eevee-Your blog is so cute and Kawaii!

Flareon- Such a hot blog!

Vaporeon- You are so thristy!

Jolteon- I am shocked you blog like that!

Espeon- You have such a happy blog.

Umbreon- Your blog depresses me.

Leafeon- 100% have never gone outside for fun

Glaceon- You seem like a cool person

Sylveon- I think I’m in love w/ your blog!!!!

I’m pretty sure this won’t go far, but just in case I will be doing only the first 400. I will do mutuals/followers first because they deserve it :)! K thanks bai!



kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.

In a desperate effort to prevent any future crime syndicates from rising to power and threatening the safety of the world, the Global Pokémon League sought endlessly to make ownership of Pokémon illegal in every region. One by one, the regions fell victim to this new law, forcing Trainers, Gym Leaders and Elite Four alike to surrender their Pokémon to the League and give up their way of life.

However, it was not long before a small resistance, consisting of some of the regions’ most talented and well-known Trainers formed under the noses of the law. They went by no given name and acted under strict secrecy, only allowing select individuals to join their allegiance. Other important figures claimed to “see the light” in the League’s new found ideals and willingly joined in their fight to eliminate Pokémon training for once and all. 

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I found this piggy bank at Walmart and got super excited~


Pokedex entry #-012 Butterfree (And Shiny Butterfree)

  • Butterfly Pokemon
  • Type: Bug/Flying

Its wings, covered with poisonous powders, repel water. This allows it to fly in the rain. ~aquacarl



35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)

x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version

Anonymous sent:

ypu have jessie and james in tomodachi life? what other pokemon characters do you have and can I have them?

Sure! They’re not all perfect (I tried to give them all unique features so some of them look kind of strange to me, to be honest), but I made all of these, so feel free to use them! Or you can just use them as a reference to create your own and change whatever you want. c:

ALSO um, when I made these I didn’t look up any popular last names, so most of them are really weird?? I think Dawn, Cilan, and May’s are popular headcanon names, but the rest were their Japanese name or something lame that came to mind. Sorry bout that.





imageHer eyes probably look weird, but I had a lot of other islanders with the eyes I was originally giving her. Feel free to change those!

imageDawn is just too cute omg

imageThis one is probably my favorite

imagelol Iris Dragon


imagehe has an ahoge but you can’t see it very well on the yellow background


Sorry the post is super long ahhh— Enjoy!

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pokeani 25 day challenge // day 2: favorite companion - Clemont

what’s he inventing this time? who knows



Hey there, internet friends! I recently hit 500 followers, a milestone I never would’ve thought I’d reach, and I wanted to say thank you! I just can’t believe how many of you actually like my blog and how many of you I’ve talked to and become friends with… It’s just unreal!

Now before I get into the list, I wanna thank a few people in particular. First up, ^cosplay-pikachu. Jon, you were my first ever follower, and you’ve always been extremely supportive of both me and the blog! So thank you! Another special mention goes to three people in particular, ^noticemeeesenpai, ^zwampert and ^h0ppip. Thank you all for helping me with the gif making! You three are some of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve met on Tumblr (that’s not to say the rest of you aren’t nice or helpful! xD), I cant thank you three enough! And thank you to all my followers! I dunno how you’ve managed to put up with me for this long, but thank you all! And now, the list! WARNING! THIS LIST IS PROBABLY, MOST LIKELY GOING TO BE A LONG ONE! SO, Y’KNOW, READ ON IF YOU DARE!

Bolded = one of my favourite blogs

^ = Either a really nice person I’ve talked to/A hella neat friend/Both


abbyarcanine, abilitycapsule, ^absolitely, alice-rocket, all-that-is-pokemon,   ^alltheprettyshinythings, amparhos, amphlosion, ^another-pokemon-kid, anzenheyakuku, aoroen, ap-pokemon, ash-fuckingketchum, ^ash-ketchum, ask-all-the-rivals, azumakill, bunbun-buneary, butt-berry, cameraupt, candydness, carblink, ^castaform, charmeleons, cheekrub, chewingtotodiles, chipsprites, ^cosplay-pikachu


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genesects, gottacatchemall, h-eli-optile, ^h0ppip, hoping-for-a-dragonite, hydreigon, ^inazumalegendhk, ^iris-sempi, isodelphox, it-started-to-rain


jellicent, jirachiwishmaker, kasuria, kings-rock, ^koriinku, latiox, laverrecity, lcywind, leecario, lightclay, lindaplayspokemon, lvl40


manaphy, marcys-mareep, mega-bellossom, mega-diancie, mega-luxrite, megast0nes, meowsticsandstones, meteor-falls, misdreavuss, mt-silver, mulay-to-tokyo, ^myuutwo, natsusdragonite, neogohann, new-mauville, nintend-hoe-art, nothingbutpokemon, ^noticemeeesenpai, ommanyte, owo, pacificpikachu, pan-sagepastelgameboy, pastoriagymh, phionepiiiikaaachu, pikachewy, pipulp,^pkmn-emerald, pkmnleafgreen, pokeall, pokemon-global-academy, pokemon-personalities, pokemon-photography, ^pokemon-tumblr-version, poketraineryellow, pr0wlie, premier-ball


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thecoolestintheworld, ^thegirlwhocriedfoxface, ^themajesticxerneas, thenaturesprophet, toasty-coconut, ^torch-dick, tot-o-dile, ^ugh-gts-suxumbreonsmoonlight, unfesant, unleashmyliberation, vaporeon-amie​, vivyllon,volt-switcher  


west-sea-gastrodon, willfosho, youknowdatpersonyo, zackscott, ^zwampert, zwoobat

These blogs are all great, and I’m really happy following each and every one of them! I may have forgotten some people, but your blogs are still great and you don’t need me to tell you that! But yeah, I’m sorry it’s so long and that I had to delete this the first time I posted it (something went wrong :/). Hopefully you can check out all of these blogs! But yeah, I’m gonna finish it up here, thank you all so much for reading this and for following too! Until next time, take care! :D

Thank you!! I’m totally not worthy to ever be on these lists; especially since over the last few months I’ve mainly just let my queue post for me, but I’m very appreciative! Congrats on 500! :D