I check ebay every single day to see if someone is selling that Banpresto Dawn figure for a reasonable price and get disappointed every day





how time flies

you aged really well

Pokemon trainers don’t age


by 428@ついったやってるよ

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hello! I was wondering if you've ever posted a selfie?

Yes but not recently!

I took this one last week

I don’t know why the quality is so grainy though :c


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My first batch of stickers, picked the Pikachu theme as my first ‘attempt’. You can buy this batch of stickers here. I have no clue how this will go, so i’m just gonna keep on working on some stuff like normal and see if anybody even buys this.



I swear this song is like, joy itself made into sound

It calms me down no matter what

it could’ve fucking stopped the cold war if everyone just sat down and listened to it

I can help but smile every time I listen to it

My boyfriend puts this song on when I am sick or sad as it cheers me up :3

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do you think there will be more ORAS megas or do you think we've seen everything there is?

…I reaaaally hope there are more, and I’ve seen convincing debates on both sides. I think it’s too early to say for sure either way, but I really hope there are more that were not included in the demo’s code. Until it’s proven otherwise, I’ll keep clinging to my sliver of hope for Mega Flygon and Delcatty.

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tbh I don't see why anyone likes Dawn at all. I like you and your blog and stuff, and I can tolerate people who like her, but I just can't see why people like her, myself.


I started liking her a lot when her DP game art leaked (I remember having to call her Pearl for a while until we got an official name, haha), and her anime-self is someone I relate to a lot, especially in her depression arc. She tried to hide her sadness and be her happy, bubbly self, which is something I find myself doing often (or at least used to). I don’t like making people worry. She’s a positive, upbeat and confident character, and that’s something I admire about her! Also she’s adorable.

I don’t mind if people dislike certain characters as long as we can all get along!

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dawn is old news, kawaii idol serena is where it's at now

Hey, I really like Serena too! She’s my 2nd favorite Pokegirl, and I think her being a Pokemon Performer is super neat! But when someone has a favorite character from something, I feel like they’ll never be “old news” to that person.