holy SHIT

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what episode did dawn have a skitty on her head?

Oh, I just threw together a crappy photoshop of that since Dawn and Skitty are both precious. It didn’t actually happen though!


It’s “What do you think of the anime Fairy Tail?” Pt. 2

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Right then, the giant asteroid heading for the Pokemon World changed its course. At a time when end-of-the-world theorists, astronomers and Pokemon Trainers were in a panicked frenzy, the butterfly effect which Dawn caused saved mankind from danger. At this time, nobody knew of this fact.


I’m really confused?

I got the Real Action Heroes Madoka. It wasn’t cheap like at all, I think that’s my most expensive purchase

I just looked her up and woah, she is pricey! She looks super cute and well-made though! c:


Artist: オムライス



i think gen iv pokemon had the best cries

who can forget such timeless classics such as




aggressive farting


and delelele whooooooop

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…I say I’d never spend that much on a figure, but that one Vyse figure is like $200 and I pre ordered it.. I’m gonna kick myself for that later.
But to be fair, Skies of Arcadia never gets merchandise and I have until November to pay him off.

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If you go to a anime con sometimes they have her for a good price. Much better than online at least xD

Thanks! The next one I’m going to is in November, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out. c:


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What figure? Can I get a reblog?

Ah, they’re all text posts so I’ll just post a picture! This one! 


On ebay, she’s always like.. $350 though.